The Spa at Traditions
The Spa at Traditions

Outdoor Yoga is truly unique programs only offered at The Spa at Traditions. Take in spectacular views of the valley and soothing sounds of nature as you rise in sun salutation on the Traditions hillside. Drop in for a class or pick-up a series, our instructors will guide you through weekly mind and body conditioning toward personal transformation.


The Spa at Traditions

Vinyasa Flow

Like a dance, Vinyasa (“Connection”) Flow is a sequence of poses (“asanas”) practiced together where each movement is timed with breathing. This transformative approach helps individuals build flexibility, balance, endurance, strength and achieve a higher state of consciousness. Sequencing is often centered around the common sun salutation (“surya namaskar”), but Vinyasa style allows teachers to be flexible and creative in their programming.


Kripalu Style

A compassionate approach with an emphasis on meditation, Kripalu is a gentle Hatha yoga practice that provides physical healing and spiritual transformation that flows from the yoga mat into daily life. Through Kripalu, individuals are trained to live life without judgment and build self-awareness and acceptance. Classes begin with breathing (“pranayama”) exercises and gentle stretches followed by poses (“asana”) and a final relaxation. Kripalu is an adaptive practice, and is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic physical or mental struggles, including arthritis, weight issues, stress and anxiety.

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